Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

This class is designed to help you and your support person learn about breastfeeding your baby before birth. You will learn what to expect, especially in the early days of breastfeeding. We will teach you practices that are proven to be beneficial in establishing breastfeeding success. You will feel prepared and ready to get breastfeeding off to a good start, from your baby's very first feeding.

60 minutes


Initial Consult

Lactation consult in your home includes a thorough intake, maternal history, birth history and concerns you may have. We will assess and assist you with a feeding during the consult, which will include a weight check for your infant. We will provide you with our recommendations for your personalized care plan. Consult also includes a summary to your obstetrician/midwife or baby's pediatrician. Follow-up by phone or email for 2 weeks is included to address concerns and update progress.

90-120 minutes


Follow-up Consults

Follow-up visit is available to provide ongoing assessment with your lactation consultant. We will alter your customized feeding plan to reflect changes after a feeding assessment. Concerns such as weaning, pumping and returning to the work force can also be addressed in this consult for a mom and baby who are established clients.

60-75 minutes



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"I thank Lynne and Colleen for their ever-present guidance on this journey, allowing me to give my daughter the wonderful gift of breastfeeding."

- Julie H.

"I'm so grateful to Lynne and Colleen for all of the help and support they gave me after the births of both my children. As a new mom, breastfeeding can be very stressful and the advice and suggestions they gave me made life so much easier!"

-Kaitlin C.

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Next Steps...

We know that babies don't only feed on weekdays so you will find availability on weekends and evenings. Don't see a time you need? Contact us and we will try to accommodate you.